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HardiPlank Over Other Siding Materials: Why It’s So Popular in Missouri

phoca thumb l paint hardie plank exterior mediumhome_exterior_painters 1Understanding HardiPlank over other materials involves recognizing its key features and comparing it with other siding materials like vinyl and metal. HardiPlank, also known as fiber cement siding, is a popular choice for commercial buildings in Missouri due to its durability, aesthetic appeal, and cost-effectiveness. It’s also notable for its climate suitability and minimal maintenance needs. When choosing siding for your building, it’s critical to consider factors such as longevity, cost, and installation process. With HardiPlank, both professional and DIY installation are possible, and its impact on property value is generally positive as per real estate trends in Missouri. Additionally, HardiPlank has a lesser environmental footprint compared to other siding materials, making it a sustainable choice. Expert opinions, customer testimonials, and reviews from Missouri business owners reflect high satisfaction rates with HardiPlank. Various common concerns and frequently asked questions about HardiPlank siding are addressed by experts, providing valuable insights for those considering this siding option for their commercial buildings.

Table of Contents:

  1. Understanding HardiPlank Siding
  2. Comparing Siding Materials
  3. Why Missouri Commercial Buildings Choose HardiPlank
  4. Benefits of HardiPlank Siding
  5. Installation and Maintenance Tips
  6. Real Estate Value and HardiPlank
  7. Environmental Impact of Siding Choices
  8. Choosing the Right Siding for Your Commercial Building

Understanding HardiPlank Siding

What is HardiPlank? HardiPlank is a type of fiber cement siding produced by James Hardie. Known for its blend of cellulose fibers, sand, and cement, it offers exceptional durability and aesthetic versatility. This siding is particularly popular for commercial buildings due to its strength and long-lasting performance.

Key Features of HardiPlank boasts superior durability, low maintenance requirements, and a variety of textures and colors. It resists weather, pests, and fire, making it an ideal choice for commercial properties that demand both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Painting HardiPlank Siding with our Rhino Shield Coating is a highly durable and long-lasting coating solution that is perfect for painting HardiPlank Siding. Our Rhino Shield coating not only enhances the appearance of your siding but also provides a protective layer that is resistant to harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and damage from insects or mold. Its superior adhesion properties ensure a strong bond with the HardiPlank Siding, resulting in a flawless finish. With Rhino Shield, the need for frequent repainting is eliminated, saving you time and money in the long run. It is a cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality solution for maintaining the beauty and durability of your HardiPlank Siding.

Comparing Siding Materials

HardiPlank vs. Vinyl Siding, Vinyl siding is less expensive but doesn’t offer the same durability as HardiPlank. While vinyl may crack under extreme temperatures, HardiPlank remains stable, offering better long-term value for commercial properties that face varying weather conditions.

HardiPlank vs. Metal Siding Metal siding, often used in industrial buildings, provides durability but can be prone to rust and denting. HardiPlank, with its resistance to rot and pests, offers a more aesthetically pleasing and resilient option for commercial properties.

Other Siding Options Other options include stucco and brick. Stucco offers good insulation but can crack over time, while brick is highly durable but expensive. HardiPlank provides a balanced alternative with its cost-effectiveness and durability.

Why Greater St. Louis and Surrounding Area Commercial Buildings Choose HardiPlank

Climate Suitability Missouri’s climate, which includes hot summers and cold winters, demands a siding material that can withstand these extremes. HardiPlank composition is ideal for this, resisting damage from temperature fluctuations and moisture, making it perfect for Missouri’s diverse weather.

Durability and Maintenance HardiPlank is designed to endure harsh weather conditions, making it a low-maintenance option for busy commercial property owners. Its resistance to pests, rot, and weathering ensures that buildings remain attractive and functional with minimal upkeep.

Benefits of HardiPlank Siding

phoca thumb l paint hardie plank home mediumhome_exterior_painters 2Aesthetic Appeal HardiPlank offers a variety of styles and colors that can enhance the visual appeal of commercial buildings. Its ability to mimic the look of wood without the associated maintenance costs makes it a popular choice for businesses aiming to project a professional image.

Though the initial investment may be higher than other materials, HardiPlank durability and low maintenance costs make it a cost-effective option over time. Commercial property owners benefit from reduced repair costs and long-lasting performance.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

To ensure the best results, it is recommended to hire professionals experienced in HardiPlank installation. Proper installation maximizes the siding’s durability and performance, safeguarding the building against weather and wear.

DIY Installation Tips For those who opt for DIY installation, following the manufacturer’s guidelines is crucial. Ensure the use of appropriate tools and materials and consider the weather conditions during installation to achieve a professional finish.

Rhino Shield has mastered the art of painting and sealing HardiPlank exteriors, ensuring a proper and flawless finish. The company uses a unique exterior ceramic paint coating that completely bonds to and seals HardiPlank homes and buildings, providing a durable and long-lasting finish. The optimal time to prepare HardiPlank for years of brilliant shine is immediately after installation. However, Rhino Shield’s team of exterior paint professionals also specializes in rejuvenating older Hardie board homes. They have the ability to transform tired, worn surfaces into stunning exteriors that are not only visually appealing but also bring immense satisfaction to homeowners.

Real Estate Value and HardiPlank

Commercial buildings with HardiPlank siding often see an increase in property value due to the material’s aesthetic appeal and durability. Potential buyers and tenants appreciate the low maintenance and long-term performance, making it a wise investment.

There is a growing trend in Missouri towards using durable, low-maintenance siding materials like HardiPlank . This trend is driven by the need for long-term value and aesthetic appeal, making HardiPlank a popular choice among commercial property owners.

Environmental Impact of Siding Choices

HardiPlank is considered a sustainable option due to its long lifespan and resistance to damage, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Its production process is also more environmentally friendly compared to other siding materials.

Comparing Environmental Footprints Compared to vinyl and wood, HardiPlank’s production and longevity contribute to a lower overall environmental footprint. Its durability means fewer resources are needed for maintenance and replacements, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Choosing the Right Siding for Your Commercial Building

Factors to Consider When selecting siding, consider climate, maintenance requirements, aesthetic preferences, and budget. HardiPlank often meets these criteria, offering a balanced choice that suits the needs of commercial property owners.

Experts suggest considering HardiPlank for its combination of beauty, strength, and low maintenance. It is a reliable and cost-effective choice for commercial buildings in Missouri, ensuring long-term satisfaction and enhanced property value.

HardiPlank siding is a durable, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing option for commercial buildings in Missouri. Its key features, such as its durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal, make it a popular choice among business owners. When comparing it to other siding materials such as vinyl and metal, HardiPlank often comes out on top in terms of its overall benefits and value. Moreover, its environmental impact and sustainability further enhance its appeal. However, as with any siding material, it’s critical to consider factors like climate suitability, maintenance, and installation requirements when making your choice. Whether you opt for professional installation or decide to take the DIY route, understanding how to properly install and maintain your HardiPlank siding is crucial for its longevity and effectiveness. Ultimately, the choice of siding material can significantly impact the overall real estate value and market trends, making it a vital decision for any commercial property owner.

The selection of siding material is not just a matter of aesthetics or durability, but a strategic investment that can greatly influence a commercial property’s market value and appeal. Therefore, property owners should carefully consider their options before making this crucial decision.

Don’t let your commercial property’s market value and appeal suffer due to a poor choice of siding material! Make a strategic investment today by carefully considering your options. Your property’s future depends on this crucial decision. Act now and contact Rhino Shield!