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Rhino Shield of Missouri: How It Stands Up to Testing on the Top 4 Properties of Good Exterior Paint Coating

What makes a good exterior paint coating? You can look at four key properties that will tell you the story: Adhesion, Permeance, Elongation, and Tensile Strength. Watch the informative video with Rhino Shield coating experts and learn how Rhino Shield stacks up on these properties for your Missouri exterior.

Ensuring Adhesion Excellence in Greater St. Louis and Missouri

RS-shield_protectionAt Rhino Shield of Missouri, we emphasize the adhesion quality of our paint coating system to ensure it surpasses industry standards. Through rigorous adhesion tests, we guarantee that our coatings adhere strongly and maintain their integrity over time. This is crucial in the variable climate of Missouri, where traditional paints may degrade. Our advanced testing ensures that our coatings remain flawless through humid summers and cold winters, enhancing the beauty and resilience of your home.

Permeance: Tailored for Missouri’s Climate

Rhino-Shield-resissts-uv-raysPermeance is critical for preventing structural dampness and related issues like mold and rot, which are common in less breathable paints. Our Rhino Shield coatings are engineered to allow both air and moisture vapors to escape, ensuring that buildings can breathe while protecting against moisture intrusion. This is especially important in Missouri’s humid environment, helping your home stay protected and dry throughout the year.

Elongation: Adapting to Missouri’s Weather

The wide temperature variations in Missouri require a paint coating that can stretch and contract without failing. Rhino Shield’s coatings exhibit significant elongation, allowing them to move with your home’s natural expansion and contraction without cracking. This flexibility helps maintain the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior no matter the season.

Tensile Strength: Durability Through Missouri’s Challenges

thorough inspection, Darrin at a homeTested to withstand Missouri’s demanding conditions, our Rhino Shield coatings are incredibly resistant to tearing and punctures. Ideal for areas that experience frequent storms and high winds, our coatings ensure your home’s exterior remains protected and vibrant, standing up to everything from summer storms to winter blizzards.

Opting for Rhino Shield of Missouri means choosing a paint coating system that is rigorously tested and proven to excel in adhesion, permeance, elongation, and tensile strength. These core attributes guarantee that our coatings meet the unique demands of the Missouri climate, providing unmatched durability and protection. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a superior paint solution designed for the challenges of your local environment.