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Rhino Shield Provides Solutions for Stucco Homes

Cream Colored Stucco Home Coated in Rhino Shield Exterior Paint CoatingIf you’re looking to fix minor faults in your stucco home, and give it a fresh new coat of exterior paint, Rhino Shield elastomeric house paint can provide a solution to both problems in one step.

Rhino Shield offers more than just a durable exterior coating – it also fills hairline cracks in your stucco. This means it actually repairs and seals your stucco as it bonds to it!

Save time by skipping the step of fixing each individual crack in your stucco before painting. Rhino Shield will fill them in as it coats on, saving you headache and hassle.

Learn more about the best exterior paint in Missouri and St. Louis for stucco homes by giving us a call at 877-257-4466!

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