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How Much Does Rhino Shield Cost in Missouri?

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St. Louis Stucco Home Coated with Rhino Shield

Protecting your Missouri home against the elements is crucial, given the state's varied climate. The Exterior Painting Contractors for Rhino Shield Paint Coating System in MO offer an innovative solution, offering unmatched durability and a maintenance-free finish that stands up to Missouri's weather extremes.

Understanding the Cost of Rhino Shield

While Rhino Shield has a higher initial cost compared to traditional paint in Missouri, it offers significant long-term benefits. The application cost for a standard home in the US ranges about 2-2.5 times higher than a standard exterior paint job. This difference reflects Rhino Shield's superior technology, labor, and the comprehensive 25-year warranty.

As you can see, the upfront costs of Rhino Shield are higher, but in time, the ability to break the painting cycle brings long-term savings on your home or building exterior.

Rhino Shield vs Traditional Exterior Painters


Rhino Shield

Traditional Painters

PreparationExtensiveOften Minimal
Primer TypeAdhesive Primer SealerNone
Color MatchingYesYes
Gallons of Product Used
(Per 2,500 EXTERIOR sq feet)
Paint Coating Thickness8-10 mils1-2 mils
Elastomeric BenefitsYesNo
Ceramic BenefitsYesNo
Price2 - 2 1/2 x Paint$5,000-$7,000
(per 2,500 EXTERIOR sq ft)
Warranty25 YearsOften 1 Year
Longevity25+ Years5-7 Years

Your Investment in Home Protection

protect_what_protects_you_coatinglabelYour home is a significant investment, and choosing between new paint or a coating system like Rhino Shield is vital. We aim to provide transparent information on Rhino Shield's cost compared to traditional painting and detail the installation process and its advantages.

Installation Process and Technology Behind Rhino Shield

The application process for Rhino Shield is unmatched in the industry in detail and quality. It's a system that insures the application is optimal for the longevity of the coating and the 25 year warranty you receive. 

The application process of Rhino Shield in Missouri includes a thorough inspection, power washing, preparation, caulking, sealing, masking off, primer and topcoat application, touch-ups, and a final inspection to ensure satisfaction.

Rhino Shield's Industry Leading, Proprietary Elastomeric Coating

Better ingredients make a better coating. Rhino Shield's technology, composed of 79% solids including ceramic microspheres, offers exceptional solar reflectivity, durability, and insulating properties. It can be tinted to virtually any color, providing flexibility and a personalized finish.

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Rhinoshield-vs-regularPaintCostWhy Choose Rhino Shield Over Paint?

Rhino Shield's long-term value outshines traditional paint by lasting 4 - 5 times longer, reducing maintenance costs. It's crucial to factor in the expertise and reliability of Rhino Shield's certified installers for a professional application. Learn more about the cost and installation process on the Rhino Shield corporate site.

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